Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome to the Healing Castle

The Healing Castle Schochwitz is a spiritual and meditation center located at a hidden and mysterious place right on a line of high energy (ley line). When it was built almost 1000 years ago our ancestors must have been aware of their connection to heaven and earth and of forces that many contemporary fellows wouldn't acknowledge. We (Ingrid and Jim) rediscovered this place and want to meet people here with love and respect, to help them find themselves and rediscover their own natural (self-)healing-powers. Miracles work by allowing them to happen!

Since we bought the castle 5 years ago its transformation into a Healing Castle could not have happened without that trust and allowing for the process to happen.  We never lost the intent to make this place dance and be a shining light of energy and love. We think we achieved a lot already, and you are welcome to visit us in Schochwitz, Germany, or on our website or blog. We will write frequently about projects, seminars and other occasions. We will appreciate anyone, who relates to us, especially in terms of active cooperation in any form, because without that sense of support for each other, this project would definitely fail. But as the times are changing once again, we are quite confident that we will connect with likeminded people and have a great time.

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