Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Love Keys

On Saturday, November 20, The Love Keys played at the Healing Castle in Schochwitz, Germany.  The duo, hailing from Germany, is made up of Ben and Aleah, who formed the group during a band rehearsal in 2009.  Aleah is a very talented singer and guitar-player with a gift for writing music, and Ben is also talented with the guitar and likes to write his own music.  Ben has had a very strong interest in heavy metal, and has been able to use the technical virtuosity he developed in that genre for The Love Keys, which plays spiritual mantras using the keyboard and guitar as their primary instruments.

Aleah has a very lovely, melodic voice, perfectly suited for singing mantras.  She sings with passion and feeling, which comes across in the form of energy which reaches and transforms the audience.  Ben, by contrast, sings along in a barotone voice to complement Aleah.  During this performance Ben played the keyboard, producing sounds which gave a spiritual energy to the room.

During this performance, which incorporated mantras from Sanskrit, I felt very relaxed and reached a deep level of meditation.  Others in the room were also meditating throughout the performance.  The experience was so profound that the very next day I was still in what is termed an "alpha," or meditative, state.

The Love Keys greatly surpassed my expectations for the night, and I hope to hear about them again in the future!

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