Friday, November 19, 2010

Singles Christmas at Schloss Schochwitz

The Healing Castle will have an event for singles and we invite you to join us!

You will celebrate, have fun, and enjoy a wonderful Christmas. Meet new people and new experiences in a wonderful place! Come and feel connected to other people!  Often completely new things to come at you that you never expected! Just be open and enjoy!

There will be fun in the snow, meditation, yoga and mysticism ... music stories by the fire ... night walks ... much laughter and fun, and much, much more. Feel the excitement and surprise!

Included in the event:

* - Accommodation in single or double room suite
* - Breakfast buffet 
* - 3-course menu
* - Free tea and coffee drinks
* - Christmas Eve buffet / dinner
* - Free homemade Christmas cookies
* - Afternoon walk to sit and enjoy hot drinks
* - Have fun with music and dancing every morning
* - Free Hatha Yoga Meditation Hour 
* - Free Healing Circle session
* - Package price per person: 455,00 €; extra 75.00 €


23/12/2010 18.00 
We will have an enjoyable gathering to allow you to meet new and interesting people and will share in a dinner buffet.

12/24/2010 17.00
Christmas party at the hall of mirrors with Lord and Lady Welsh.

18.00 Christmas Eve menu.

12/25/2010 14.00
Afternoon hike to the places of power in Laweketal then get together at 20.00.

More information will be forthcoming!

To reserve a spot or to ask about the event, go to the Healing Castle website and at the bottom of the page is the contact information. Visit our Singles Christmass Facebook page and add us by clicking "Like."

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