Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Greetings from the newest member of Schochwitz castle!

Guten Tag!

My name is Trâm and perhaps  I am the very first Vietnamese workwayer at the castle ever. I've been going to University in Finland for  3 years now and I've taken this advantage to travel within Europe as much as I can before moving back to Asia for good. I would say Germany is definitely one of my favorite countries that I've been to. That was also my main reason for me to pick the country to do my first workaway experience. And taaaadaaaa, I found this Schochwitz castle! I've just arrived at the castle yesterday, so I'm still pretty new to the place and I believe my stay here is gonna be an interesting experience for me.

I've been asked why I have chosen to do my volunteer at Schochwitz castle. My friends and family were really surprised with that decision as well and they wished me luck before my leaving. Well, I totally understand their reaction. First of all, I'm not a vegetarian. The idea of being a vegetarian for even more than 3 days scares me a bit as I'm not sure how my body and meat-cravings will deal with that during my stay here. Secondly, I'm not a morning person. Waking up early for classes at Uni (at 7 am) is already a torture to me. Now just imagine yourself waking up 5:45 am. Yes, you know what I am talking about now huh. Thirdly, I don't really meditate back home. I had my very first real meditation session this morning and it was a bit hard for my knees and feet already.

You might just tell me to go home now right? No, not yet.  But yea, to answer that question why.  It's all about trying the niche experience and learning more about wellness and spiritual tourism/retreats which I've heard a lot about. Life is all about trying new things, eh? It is how we enrich our life right. Yes, I was bored living my life with same own daily routines. Also, as I have read about the place, staying at the castle gives one a great opportunity to have deep relaxation and self-reflection. And at the end of the day, I hope to have the ability to hear my inner voice which I have been rather ignorant to listen to, to creating positive changes, to reduce and manage stress and to enhance synergy in my life.

I will come back and keep everyone updated about  my progress. Yes, I'm very excited to be on this journey and I am very happy to have other 2 fellow workawayers staying at the castle with me and they have been just amazing and super helpful.


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