Thursday, March 26, 2015

``Ìt Works!``

``It Works!``

The sky is grey this morning and the early spring rain is running down in interesting patterns on the castle windows. When the season changes, it unfolds in abundant, beautiful litte white, yellow and purple flowers all around the German town, Schochwitz. Winter is almost past and change is in the air.

Over hot coffee and freshly buttered bread, we discussed the power we have as humans to create our lives. One seldom realise the opportunity every second brings to create something beautiful and amazing in your life.

I remembered a litte book I found one day while searching for secrets to the laws of nature and the universe. With this opportunity, I would like to share the book with you and wish you the most beautiful and abundant reality, should you wish it.

The author called his little red book plainly..``It Works!``

The author, Mr RHJ and the many people who read his little book, claims that it is possible to create anything you want in your life...if you know exactly what it is you want! This is the basis of creating something..the knowing of the exact situation or thing you want.  We always dream and wish things but seldom allow ourselves to visualise it in full colour knowing exactly what we want from our life on earth.

Abundant blessings from the Healing Castle

Hanlie Rugheimer
Schlossplatz 1, 06198 Salzatal OT Schochwitz
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