Friday, May 2, 2014

Schloss Schochwitz

Another rainy day at castle Schochwitz and our new plants are loving it! We welcomed our 6th volunteer yesterday - an Argentinian. We now have people representing 6 different nationalities living and working in the castle. That means 6 different languages, 6 different cultures, 6 different ways of doing things and seeing things. Needless to say, sometimes all of these differences can cause a lot of confusion - like the other day when half of us thought we were supposed to open the Cafe and the rest had gone to the kitchen to prepare the coffee. The kitchen is also a place of much eventfulness and fun. With so many different culinary traditions and levels of ability mixed into a single place, every meal turns into a game of pot luck. Sometimes someone will whip something up in mere minutes and astound us all with their edible masterpieces, other times people will disappear for days on end into the dark confines of the kitchen and emerge with something - well, it can be interesting to say the least. We have had everything from absolutely delicious to the kind of dish where the politest response is to refrain from asking whether it's edible. But every day is a new discovery and life goes on in Schloss Schochwitz.

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